This council is the Supreme governing and administrative body of the Fraternity. Its purpose is to give the Masonic student a cleaner insight into the realms Masonic perfection, and render to him similiar service as the college renders to the high school graduate. The Scottish Rite is to the enterprising Mason what classics are to the professional tutor, looking up toward higher ideals, desirous to soar among the talented craftsmen of the art, and better suited for competent leaderhsip and tutorship. It provides newer, and more definite avenues of expansion and development in matters pertaining to the whole Fraternity.



est. 1847

A. F. & A. M.



The Masonic order  of  the General Grand Masonic 
Congress, A. F. & A. M. has long since been a member of 
 the masonic order in the U. S. A.  The General Grand 
Masonic Congress received its charter rite August 1847 in 
Washington D. C., revised in 1870 and reorganized by 
John G. Jones in Cleveland, Ohio August 9, 1889, under 
the name of National Masonic Congress A.F. & A. M. In 
August of 1920, it became General Grand Masonic 
Congress of U.S. & Canada. The National Organization 
of A.F.& A.M.  Masons was formed to act as an advisory 
not governing body to its members Grand Lodges.