Alee Temple No.1 Shriner’s Gala Weekend Recap

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First and foremost we’d like to extend our congratulations to Alee Temple No.1 for hosting an amazing Shriner’s Gala weekend. We had a great time in the DMV meeting new brothers and sisters as well as reconnecting with old friends. The flow of events was very well orchestrated and the hospitality that was offered was second to none. A special shout out to Daughter’s Fludd & Connolly for their hard work and flawless execution.


Alee Temple #1 Annual Shriners Gala Weekend

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Alee Temple #1 Annual Shriners Gala Weekend, May 23-25 2014,


Holiday Inn College Park, 10000 Baltimore Ave. College Park, MD 20740,


Value Meal Masonry: Fast Food Freemasonry is Bad For Your Lodge’s Health!

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Fast Food Masonry: Click Image To Read More

“We are often men of average means, of average lives. I am content to buy my food at the at largest store for the cheapest price. I am content to buy my clothes from the sales rack, but should I be content with generic low-cost Masonry?”

We found this great article that really puts the modern Masonic experience in perspective.  Are you truly content with just “Showing up” or are you striving to make your lodge all that it can and should be for brothers past, present, and future?  Being a freemason means doing more than what the average man does. That’s how we make good men better men!

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The Deeper Meanings of St. John’s Day…

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We found this phenomenal article on that explains the ancient origins of the Masonic St. John’s Day celebrations. This is a great addition a brother’s continued masonic education. #SMIB


Interview: A Conversation With A Mason

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Join S. Ali Myers and special guest, Worshipful Master John Graham for what is sure to be a classic show.  We will be discussing various topics about his involvement in freemasonry and other topics concerning the craft.  With all the conspiracies and obvious masonic symbolism around the United States and abroad, it seems pertinent to have an active member tell his story and truths.  This is certain to be an enjoyable conversation that you may want to participate in with a question or comment for our beloved guest.  The call in number is 858-365-5534 and press 1 to chime in.

Contact information for John Graham:

Worshipful Master John Graham
Ascending Light Lodge 316
Wilmington Delaware
A.F.&A.M. S.R.M.

Visit Ali at – for metaphysical & spiritual informationproducts, and services.

Most Worshipful Eagle Grand Lodge St. John’s Day Celebration 2013

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Masonic Service To The Community

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Masonic Service To The Community

Salvation Army Volunteer Event

The Salvation Army volunteer event was a great success.  We volunteered on two fronts, one of which was the Angel Tree and the second was the Kettle Drive, both were at the Christiana Mall on Saturday, November 17th.  The volunteers at the Angel tree were assisting shoppers by helping them to choose the child or children that they were interested in purchasing a gift for.  Once the gifts were purchased they would be returned to the tree where the volunteers would attach the gift tags to the packages and place them into the storage box for the Salvation Army to pick up.

During the latter half of event the kettle arrived at which point we began ringing the bell for donations to the Salvation Army.  The event lasted from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm and there were 84 gift tags given out for the Angel Tree and approximately $175 collected at the Kettle.  A big thank you goes out to all of our volunteers that helped at this event not only for their time but also their dedication to charity.